ins2outs Version 4.1.2 (#c1d5c8e5)

With this version, ins2outs enables you to effectively manage, define, control, and report on the management system’s tasks. It also introduces the ability to browse ISO norms in a controlled manner and replace templates TODO: texts with organization-defined terms.

Type: Version Release, Date: 2023-05-30

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New Task section in the top menu

This version brings more functionality to browse, manage, and report on tasks within your management system. All these functions can be found in the new “Tasks” section from the top navigation menu.

All Tasks view

The “All Tasks” view helps to review all pending tasks in a single list. Filter tasks you work with, check their status and the content from which they are derived and prompt them to closure. Simplify audits with an easy all-in-one status view.

My Pending Tasks view

Control all the pending or in-progress tasks assigned to you. Address task requests from other teams. Check what you have already accomplished with filtering tools in the “My Pending Tasks” view.

Requested Reviews view

With the new “Requested Reviews” view, see how many requested review tasks are still pending, ping the assigned persons to close them, and ensure no request is left unaddressed.

Completed Reviews view

Find all the review tasks which have been completed but still need your action to publish the referenced content. Ensure your system documentation reaches the final “published” status and becomes binding within your organization.

Detailed Task view

Now each task within ins2outs has a dedicated view of task details. If a task still needs to be accomplished, you can edit the task properties and description, link other content and tasks and provide comments. Manage more complex tasks or report progress on those which require longer execution time, like from the management review meetings.

PDF Library

Do you have ISO standards to share but do not want to violate IP rights? Use the PDF Library feature, upload the standards as a PDF Library file, and provide information on how many licenses you purchased. The system will allow displaying the PDF content concurrently only to the number of users specified in your license agreement.

Overhauled home page

The home page for ins2outs serves as the “My Tasks” view. Since that version, you can find the overview of your pending tasks, completed and requested reviews. Now you’ll have an overview of any task until it is completed. More advanced filtering enables tasks to search from your history to quickly return to the task details.

Referencing a task from content

Create corresponding tasks for each action and reference them from any content asset, e.g., the management review meeting notes. ins2outs will display such tasks as links together with the current status within the content piece. You can keep working on the referenced tasks keeping source content unchanged.

User Compliance report

To better understand users and their compliance within the system, use a new “User Compliance” report. Select a user from the filter options and see the overview of the role compliance and the detailed view on open acceptance tasks.

Content Tasks report

Is the auditor asking you to prove that all the persons completed the acceptance tasks for a policy? Just to the “Tasks view” for this content and present that information using the updated tasks list experience. Filtering enables you to search for relevant information.

TODO: Dictionary

Handling TODO: strings becomes easier. Within “TODO: Dictionary” admin settings, you may now define to what default string any TODO: text will be replaced.

Improved Tasks Configuration view

Configure which specific users and roles may read and accept content as a part of their training path. Define how often the content should be reviewed by the owner and the working group and check how it fits for purpose.

Replacing TODO: texts on adding content

When you add new content, ins2outs replaces all TODO: strings defined within the “TODO: Dictionary” with the default values for your organization.

Verification and Validation (V&V)

Check the reports from V&V activities for this version

The report below presents the test execution summary report for ins2outs V&V activities for this release.

i2o 2023-05-30 Validation Tests Execution Summary Report for Version 4.1.2 (PUBLISHED)