ins2outs Version 4.0.1 (#59b9d6ca)

With this version, ins2outs introduces an updated technology stack for all new features development. Additionally, this version allows adding a copy of a template folder using Add copy wizard. It also allows preconfiguring for a folder adding a copy of another folder.

Type: Version Release, Date: 2022-11-21

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New Technology Stack

ins2outs in with version 4.0.0 introduces a new technology stack. It enables i2o to provide better functionality, user-experience and shorten the time of developing new features. Look for a new MUI look and feel and incoming new functionalities.

Possibility to add a copy of a folder

A user can copy a document folder using a “Add Copy of…”. Previously this feature was available only for single content, and now it serves for copying folders.
This option triggers then a wizard that allows specifying copying logic. This feature is handy when managing product life cycle documentation, which should be populated with templated content from other folders.

The option to add a folder available from the Add menu

A user for a chosen folder can now add an option in the “Add” menu to add a copy of another folder. The features allow for building the documentation’s logical structure, which can be reused elsewhere.

Other features and improvements

  • User interface improvements
  • Improved the way of exporting content for two subsequent tables one after another [MSG-301]
  • ins2outs does not inform a user about editing if the edit is done by the same user on a different tab or browser [MSG-336]

Fixed problem reports

  • The export service does not export specific documents [MSG-222]
  • Invalid Label on Export setting edit page [MSG-229]
  • Copy of text with review comment [MSG-258]
  • Showing Links With Statuses results in errors in some situations [MSG-259]
  • Undo changes with review comments in document [MSG-266]
  • The reviewer’s name is not aligned to the left [MSG-288]
  • Fixed the error of ins2outs crashing on resetting the user password [MSG-307]

Verification and Validation (V&V)

Check the reports from V&V activities for this version

The report below presents the test execution summary report for ins2outs V&V activities for this release.

i2o 2022-11-21 Validation Tests Execution Summary Report for Version 4.0.1 (#59b9d6ca) on PRODPRODUCTION