Information Security Officer as a Service (ISOaaS)

Information Security Officer defines, supervises, and operates your ISO 27001-compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS). The consultant will lead your ISMS certification and manage the information security approach.

Information Security Officer role

Find out more about activities that Information Security Officer will be delivering for your organization

1. Leading information security management

Defining information security policies and objectives and aligning them with the company strategy. Ensuring the ISMS definition corresponds to the organization’s processes and daily business activities.

2. Managing communication

Ensuring all stakeholders know their roles in the ISMS and their impact on information security. Communicating the importance of information security and conformity to security requirements. Managing external communication.

3. Coordinating risk management activities

Executing risk assessment activities. Jointly defining security technical and organizational controls. Tracking the risk treatment plans to closure. Gaining support from the organization for the continual improvement of the security measures.

4. Coordinating operations management activities

Promoting, monitoring, and supporting operations management activities on both organizational and technical levels. Educating technical stakeholders about security requirements derived from the ISMS definition.

5. Supporting information security audits, certifications, and compliance

Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the ISMS. Planning, coordinating, and presenting the outcomes of yearly audits. Tracking and supporting the ISMS certification process and compliance with regulations.

Role competency profile

Lower the costs of the ISMS implementation by bringing already trained consultant

Information Security (InfoSec) practitioner

Our consultants have vast experience in defining, certifying, and operating information security management systems. They will lead the ISMS definition project, support the execution of the relevant process, and address any gaps identified in the approach to InfoSec.

Trained ISO 27001 external auditor

Part of the ISMS definition is planning, coordinating, and reporting on both internal and external audits. Our auditors are trained and certified ISO 27001 auditors. Thanks to that, the audits can promptly identify the possible areas for improvement.

Risk and governance

Security governance and information security risk management are usually the most challenging for any organization introducing an ISMS. Our constants are trained and experienced in both domains, resulting in smoother system definition and operations.

ISO 27001 know-how set expert

Our consultants know ISO 27001 know-how set inside out. They have also led the ISMS definition project based on that know-how set many times. It results in better adjusting the know-how to your organization’s specificity and orchestrating information security.

Collaboration on ins2outs

Find out about collaboration with your Information Security Officer on ins2outs

ISMS Project execution

As part of our service, the consultant will prepare, present, and keep updating a plan to define and certify your ISMS. You have complete insight into the ISMS definition process at any moment.

Weekly sprints

The work from the plan is divided into weekly sprints. For each sprint, the team engaged in the project agrees on the tasks, deliverables, and actions to complete each week. Daily standups additionally improve communication.

Working with ins2outs

ins2outs handles all the QMS communication challenges of the ISMS. The software automates reviewing the documents, notification of pending tasks, accepting and signing documents, training, and other activities.

ISMS Certification

The consultant will take part in the certification audits of your ISMS in person. All your ISMS documentation is stored and available on ins2outs, with all awareness and training records managed by the software.

Operating the ISMS

The defined and certified system has to be operated. The consultant will manage or lead all activities on ins2outs: training, internal audits, management reviews, information security risk assessments, and security incidents handling.

Operating the ISMS

The defined and certified system has to be operated. The consultant will manage or lead all activities on ins2outs: training, internal audits, management reviews, information security risk assessments, and security incidents handling.

Benefits for your organization

Explore the benefits of engaging trained, experienced, and ins2outs-fluent consultant

Shorten by up to 75% your system implementation time

A management system implementation can be a quick and effective process. Combine ins2outs software, ready-to-use know-how sets, and our consultants to define and certify any management system in weeks, not years.

Instant access to the experienced consultants

Save time, effort, and money required to find and recruit an experienced consultant on the hot InfoSec market. Bring expertise in the ISMS definition and operations from day one.

Minimize the ISMS project risk

Bringing ins2outs, the know-how set and our consultant triad can bring the project execution risk to nearly zero. You get your ISMS faster, more efficiently, and earlier to help manage your organization’s information security.

Get the more effective ISMS

We build the ISMSes to work and add value to your business. By engaging our consultants, you will get a better-tailored ISMS adjusted to your company operations and help you to laser-focus on the most critical aspects of your information security.

Introduce mature information security governance

The defined ISMS results in excellent two-direction communication. From the top down, presenting the information security objectives for the organization. Then, from the bottom up, providing the information security landscape information to the top management and decision-makers. Add to this information security objectives, policies, continuous monitoring, and improvements for a robust information security governance setup.


ISO 27001 Know-how set

  • Defines ISO 27001-compliant ISMS
  • Requires ins2outs account
  • One-time net fee
  • For organizations of any size

ins2outs Software

20/active user/month
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Requires one active user account
  • Standard features package
  • Full view and edit rights

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ISO 27001:2022 Know-how set

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