ins2outs Version 4.2.1 (#6eae36b9)

With this version, ins2outs users can search for any text within the system and product documentation. It also introduces the new tree view control allowing displaying and hiding contexts. Finally, the version brings resolved problem reports and other improvements.

Type: Version Release, Date: 2023-08-03

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New full search functionality

ins2outs now offers a new page for full search text functionality. It is available by clicking the magnifier icon in the top menu, redirecting a user to the Search page. By default, the page allows searching for content with specified items, whereas filter options can easily configure searching for documents and attachments. One can also filter content type, content status, and different contexts.
A powerful “Exact phrase” feature allows for searching for close terms. You can easily find the system or product documentation that meets your search conditions.

Extending top menu search functionality with tasks

The search control in the top menu now returns the titles of tasks that fulfill the search conditions. This way, you can work with content and a task with a specific title. The top menu search control returns content titles, task titles, attached files, or standards. When you get a results list, hit enter to the new Search page.

New tree view for simpler navigation

A tree view control in the new part of ins2outs improves user experience in navigation. The control presents a context and the embedded tree view structure underneath. A user can hide each context. This results in a simpler outlook on possible complex management system setups. Finally, a tasks section allows navigating through tasks and actions. Please note that this control is available only on some pages, while the current control is still visible on others. The new control will fully replace the current approach in the incoming versions.

Other features and improvements

  • [MSG-454] – DEV: Send notification when assignee changed for task
  • [MSG-791] – DEV: Hide hightlight leftovers after review from content view
  • [MSG-867] – DEV: Top search should search tasks as well
  • [MSG-883] – DEV: Modify logic on transition to Obsolete
  • [MSG-919] – DEV: Transition to Obsolete should update major version
  • [MSG-937] – DEV: Adjust full-screen image preview
  • [MSG-954] – DEV: Add copy link to task when copy task number from breadcrumbs
  • [MSG-959] – DEV: Add copy link to task using Ctrl+C
  • [MSG-960] – DEV: Add copy link to task using icon in Action Menu
  • [MSG-972] – DEV: Change highlight color on hover in content menu in Pinto

Fixed problem reports

  • [MSG-870] – DEV: “Enter Content Title” in Title field is not displayed when adding new content to folder in Pinto
  • [MSG-872] – DEV: “Destination string” field is covered by bottom bar in `Add Copy of …` Wizard screen for 1728×1117 Screen Resolution
  • [MSG-877] – DEV: ‘Top Search’ field remembers and displays name of searched document selected from dropdown list using navigation arrow buttons
  • [MSG-938] – DEV: Investigate & fix OOM error thrown while exporting PDF files
  • [MSG-948] – DEV: Duplicates the final comment added while closing a review task
  • [MSG-949] – DEV: In ‘Complete Task’ window ‘Comment’ field remembers and populates previously comment
  • [MSG-961] – DEV: Not all links display with statuses
  • [MSG-973] – DEV: Unable to load content page with tasks
  • [MSG-990] – DEV: “Show difference from last…” feature does not work correctly after adding Role link to content
  • [MSG-992] – DEV: Description of Acceptance or signature Task does not display correctly on exported content

Verification and Validation (V&V)

Check the reports from V&V activities for this version

The report below presents the test execution summary report for ins2outs V&V activities for this release.

i2o 2023-08-04 Validation Tests Execution Summary Report for Version 4.2.1 (#6eae36b9) on PROD-PRODUCTION v2.0 (Published)