Version ins2outs 3.0.3(#58cd9c91) Released

Version ins2outsĀ 3.0.3 (#58cd9c91)
Release date: 2022-03-07
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce the new version ins2outs 3.0.3 (#58cd9c91).
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

CFR Part 11 Compliance
With the version 3.0.0 and higher ins2outs is compliant with CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic records and electronic signatures. The product implements all technical measures required by this regulation allowing to sign documents with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) information.
Passwords management policy
The system administrator can configure a passwords management policy which is automatically applied to the user passwords. One can configure the duration after which the passwords needs to be rest, minimum length and characters requirements, as well as a possibility to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for the organization users.
Exported content improvements

The export system unit was significantly improved to provide better user experience for exported documents. Table columns width, text colors, and background colors are not applied when exporting tables.

Inline editing of Content Information

A user can can update a content information without entering the edit mode. This allows updating content owner, user group, normative source, or RACI model without moving a document to a Draft status. Inline edit automatically increases a document major version number but the document remains in the current status.

Separate workflow settings for folders

This version introduces possibility to define in the Settings/Content Workflows a separate logic for content and separate for folders concerning reviews. Setting up Completed Reviews on Final Status for Folders to None allows publishing folders directly without any review required.

Other features and improvements

  • Updated Task Configuration look and feel
  • Improved horizontal scrolling when a table exceeds page width

Fixed Problem Reports

  • Show All button in Referenced In table does not work properly (MSG-2349)
  • Noticeable delay when loading rows with Show All/Show More button (MSG-2351)
  • Long context name labels are cut (MSG-2352)
  • Long delay in loading fonts (MSG-3105)
  • Context prefix is not copied when a context is copied (MSG-3257)
  • Not all characters are presented correctly on the Edit Relation screen (MSG-3258)
  • Headers are different levels in exported documents (MSG-3348)
  • Group export for all context is not working for more than 2 contexts (MSG-3349)
  • There are three dots in Status column (MSG-3359)