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Version 2.6.3 Released – Improvements

Version 2.6.3
Release date: 2019-04-03
Release type: Hotfix

We are pleased to present ins2outs hotfix version 2.6.3.

Fixed Problem Reports

There were following issues and problems fixed with this hotfix release:

  • Checkup tasks are now created only when a workflow is applied, and the specified amount of time has passed since the last publish date (MSG-2273)
  • Compliance is now calculated in a consistent way in both the application and in e-mail notifications (MSG-2272)
  • Hint text in the role input field is now removed after selecting a Role (MSG-2279)
  • Label with selected Workgroup now appears below input field after choosing any Workgroup (MSG-2292)
  • Sorting now works properly after clicking Show More button (MSG-2241)
  • Title field in card objects displays long names properly (MSG-2262)
  • When selecting a role in Tasks Configuration popup, the text is now displayed properly (MSG-2266)
  • When selecting a User in Add New Task popup, the text is now displayed properly (MSG-2268)