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Version 2.5.1 Released – Improvements

Version 2.5.1
Release date: 2019-01-31
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to present ins2outs version 2.5.1.

New features

Following feedback from our customers, in version 2.5.1 we’ve added new functionalities to enhance user experience.

Manage Users within a Role

In order to improve experience of new organizations on ins2outs platform, in version 2.5.0 we’ve changed the approach to manage Users within a Role. First, managing Users within a Role (adding, and removing) is now available not only from the Role’s edit mode, but also from the view mode, which means, that changes made to Users list are not impacting the version of the Role content page. On top of that we’ve implemented a convenient method of adding multiple Users to a Role. This method of adding multiple elements is going to get more traction in future releases.

Other Functional Improvements

There were following functional improvements added to that version:

  • Content Owner can now be changed without a need to edit the content
  • Content version number is now visible on the main content page as well
  • Buffering animation will now appear when you accept a content, to indicate that the operation is in progress
  • Tree View sidebar width can now be changed
  • Clicking on a pdf reference file will now open it in a new Chrome browser tab

Fixed bugs

There were following issues and bugs fixed with this version release:

  • A warning message which occurred on Chrome browser as if it was not supported will no longer appear (MSG-2064)
  • Administrators can now delete a Role with inactive Users assigned to it (MSG-2064)
  • An issue, where in some cases, the e-mail notifications were being sent twice, was fixed (MSG-1918)
  • “Reports To” tab now shows only active Users (MSG-2033)
  • When adding Context to a User or a User to a Context, toggle switches representing privileges are now properly labeled (MSG-2038)
  • Users cannot be assigned to a Role if that User is not added to the appropriate Context (MSG-2066)
  • Exported Processes now include Suppliers, Ins, Outs and Customers sections (MSG-2075)
  • Correct domain now displays in hyperlinks in exported content (MSG-2075)