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Version 2.4.0 Released – Custom Export Templates and Global Tasks Configuration

Version 2.4.0
Release date: 2018-12-07
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to present ins2outs version 2.4.0.

New features

The following new functionalities are delivered to you with this version release.

Custom Templates for Export Functionality

Following feedback from our customers, in version 2.4.0 we added a new feature to content export functionality. So far it was only possible to export plain content to MS Word document, without any alterations from ins2outs side. As of this version, administrators in an organization can upload a custom export file template. With the template uploaded, and this option enabled, content exported from ins2outs will be formatted according to the user preferences and can match the style and design of documents used in our clients’ organizations. Version 2.4.0 Released – Custom Export Templates and Global Tasks Configuration

Global Tasks Configuration

In order to enhance one of core ins2outs functionalities, we have added an option to configure tasks on the organization level. Administrators are now able to enter the organization settings, and select the conditions, for which the acceptance or checkup tasks will be created. Acceptance and checkup tasks can now be sent:

  • For any content
  • For content in Published status
  • For content in Published status or content without a workflow at all
  • Never.

In addition, it is now possible to change the frequency of task notifications from daily to weekly, to make sure users are not overwhelmed with e-mails.

Other Functional Improvements

There were following functional improvements added to that version:

  • “Manages” tab now contains only active users
  • Logic around calculating compliance was changed. Now, only acceptance tasks are being calculated towards compliance. Checkups and reviews are not taken into account
  • After hovering mouse pointer over a review comment, there is now a little delay before the pop-up is displayed
  • When Users have at least one overdue acceptance this information will displayed in their user profile
  • After accessing ins2outs via a URL to a certain page while being logged off, after users log in, they will now be directed to the location specified in the URL (or My Tasks, if for any reason this page can no longer be accessed)

Fixed bugs

There were following issues and bugs fixed with this version release:

  • Tasks were generated for inactive users (MSG-2003)
  • Compliance of Users in Role was not displaying correctly (MSG-2017)
  • Administrators were not able to edit and delete “Report to” relations (MSG-2019)
  • Task counter changed to a green check mark, when there are no pending tasks (MSG-2027)
  • Exporting content containing tables to MsWord document resulted in bold text and bold table borders (MSG-2016)
  • Graphs were incorrectly displayed after exporting a Process to MsWord (MSG-1435)
  • Tables were not sortable (MSG-1953)