Version 2.2.0 Released – Reviews Comments Upgraded

Version 2.2.0
Release date: 2018-08-01
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to present ins2outs version 2.2.0.

New features

The following new functionalities are delivered to you with this version release.

Extending Review Functionality with Review Comments

Following feedback from our customers, in version 2.2.0 we introduced functionality to add review comments without the need to edit a content. It is possible, after starting a review, to add multiple review comments either within a content page or in the Review panel on the right hand side of the page. When the review is completed, the requester of the review is informed about that via e-mail. The review comments can be then browsed and resolved individually in the panel on the right hand side. The panel is accessed by clicking Comment icon in the upper right corner. The history or resolved review comments stays in the system. Version 2.2.0 Released - Reviews Comments Upgraded

Other Functional Improvements

There were following functional improvements added to that version:

  • Action menu was extended with direct access to Tasks Configuration and history of page Versions
  • Page is automatically refreshed after adding a task
  • There is additional check, with validation message displayed, when transiting a content to a final workflow status. There are following checks applied :
    • There are no open review comments
    • An owner of the page is still an active user
    • Working group members are still active users
    • There is a link to a Normative Sources
  • Improved validation for an e-mail field

Fixed bugs

There were following issues and bugs fixed with this version release.

  • Inactive users could receive notification in some cases (MSG-1917)
  • Users were not added to default “Report to” relation (MSG-1901)
  • Incorrect user’s account status for accounts disabled using account’s expiration date (MSG-1899)
  • Incorrect character encoding for Polish language in Normative Source field (MSG-1747)