Version 2.16.0 Released

Version ins2outs 2.16.0
Release date: 2021-05-05
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce new ins2outs version 2.16.0.
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

Content life cycle
A new feature Content Life Cycle management, allowing configuration of how and who is allowed to delete content from ins2outs.
Improved search functionality
An improvement within Search controls across the system, allowing to search with multiple contained words and displaying additional information like content type.
'Hidden' setting for contexts

A new feature for contexts the “Hidden” flag allowing to exclude content belonging to such context from search and displaying in a tree view control.

Other features and improvements:

  • A new feature for Multi Factor Authentication with a Text message allowing to better track costs to a particular organization.