Version 2.15.1 Released

Version ins2outs 2.15.1
Release date: 2020-12-14
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce new ins2outs version 2.15.1.
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

Content List view
Compare content versions

User can display differences between the current and Last / Last Major version of the content.

Display content statuses

User can display statuses for all linked content.

Other features and improvements:

  • User interface for Content pages have been improved.
  • Implement multi factor authentication on completing tasks
  • User Control – Present User String
  • SPIKE Research new approach for CDN for JavaScript dependencies
  • Speed up service behavior by implementing lazy-loading of Tree View sidebar
  • Implement MFA enhancements
  • Add Environment name in email notification
  • Offer possibility to save user defined comments on saving content
  • Implement view with presenting External label for external links in content
  • Fix problem with the migration for 2.14.0 on DEV-VERIFICATION1
  • Audit Log comment migration takes too much time

Fixed Problem Reports

  • Link to Vimeo is not saved (MSG-2584)
  • Published KPI control is not presented for the specific hierarchy of folders (MSG-2785)
  • It is possible to add the same content many times while editing process content (MSG-2967)
  • After deleting related content it is not presented in the history (MSG-2995)
  • Problem report: double tasks ID – lack of uniqueness (MSG-3109)
  • User Profile – Context(s) section – No validation message about ‘Mobile’ field in some situations (MSG-3112)
  • Settings Content Templates – “Save” button is not available (MSG-3116)
  • When changing content status from Draft to Published a message appears with the wrong number of pending comments (MSG-3118)
  • Incorrectly set new workflow for contents during workflow migration (MSG-3119)
  • No user initials when adding a new user to the context (MSG-3121)
  • No possibility to add contents in role (MSG-3125)
  • Changing the appearance of the table in the content after merging cells (MSG-3126)
  • Collapsing-labels of contexts do not fit on the displayed user profile page (MSG-3127)
  • Some documents contain blank external links (MSG-3129)
  • No display of document statuses for internal links (in a special case) (MSG-3130)
  • Deleting a document created from a template with a photo will remove the photo from the server (MSG-3134)
  • Filtering functionality in role folder does not work (MSG-3141)
  • Incorrect presentation of user data on the profile page (name<->surname) (MSG-3157)
  • Profile saving functionality does not work (MSG-3158)
  • PR: Unable to save user with initials with polish characters in some scenarios (MSG-3159)
  • No possibility to filter tasks by ‘Key’ on the dashboard (MSG-3160)