Version 2.13.2 Released

Version ins2outs 2.13.2
Release date: 2020-09-09
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce new ins2outs version 2.13.2.
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

New task types

New task types, such as: Signatures, Tasks and Change Requests are now available.

Audit Trail

Users with Administrator Privileges can now display Audit log that presents entries for the Organization.

Keyboard shortcut for content view mode

From now on, you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to Edit, Tasks, Versions and References pages.

"Assign to me" option

Now you can use “Assign to me” option when adding a new task.

Other features and improvements:

  • User interface for Content pages have been improved.

Fixed Problem Reports

  • Arrows in exported process diagrams have correct size now (MSG-2362)
  • It is no longer possible to add user to role if user has not access to the context (MSG-2587)
  • Fixed problem with tabs in Settings screen (MSG-2748)
  • Default title is no longer set to title instead of actual title when performing “add a copy of” function (MSG-2932)
  • Fixed problem with invalid spacing line between content and reference section (MSG-2943)
  • Fixed problem with arrow to expand section invalid direction (MSG-2944)
  • Hint about non-default context for default role is now presented (MSG-2993)
  • Fixed problem with presenting task numbers over 99 (MSG-2994)
  • Default Summary and Default Description is now set when user is adding a task (MSG-2996)
  • Fixed problem with exporting documents with long name (MSG-2997)
  • Fixed problem with being unable to add new task types (MSG-2998)
  • Access to Audit Trail is now restricted to users with proper permissions only (MSG-2999)
  • User experience on My Tasks page is now improved by extending clickable area for tasks (MSG-3006)

Verification and Validation

The reports below present the test execution summary report for ins2outs V&V activities for this release.
MSG 2020-08-14 Test Execution Summary Report for Version 2.13.0 (#9dbc4415) v2.0 (Published)
MSG 2020-09-07 Test Execution Summary Report for Version 2.13.2 (#5a23efdf) v2.0 (Published)