Version 2.12.1 Released

Version ins2outs 2.12.1
Release date: 2020-07-14
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce new ins2outs version 2.12.1.
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

Export to PDF

Now you can export content pages and Records not only to Word, but also to a PDF file.

Folder Export

You can now export the entire Folder, with all the content inside it, including subfolders and attachments. The content will be exported as a .zip file.

Export content version

From now on, you can select a version of the page that shall be used to generate an export.

Default Export format

Administrators can now set up a default export format for their Organizations.

Update all Hyperlinks

When you save a page, ins2outs will offer to update displayed text of hyperlinks to match current titles of the linked pages.

Content List Filtering

All Folders and other pages with content are now equipped with a set of convenient filters to allow you to quickly find the content you are looking for. You can chose one of the preconfigured filters, like “Assigned to Me”, or create your own filter.

Other features and improvements:

  • User interface for Export pages have been improved.

Fixed Problem Reports

  • Fixed problem with being unable to delete a Role after unassigning users from it (MSG-2726)
  • Fixed problem with being unable to delete Normative Source content which has another Normative Source in it (MSG-2727)
  • Fixed problem with Polish characters not being properly displayed in Add User control in context (MSG-2746)
  • It is no longer possible to save two words in “Default Title Prefix” (MSG-2848)
  • Arrows in exported process diagrams have correct size now (MSG-2871)
  • Exported process diagrams are of correct height now (MSG-2872)
  • Fixed problem with displaying editor tool bar on laptop resolutions (MSG-2830)

Verification and Validation

The report below presents the test execution summary report for ins2outs V&V activities for this release.
MSG 2020-07-10 Test Execution Summary Report for Version 2.12.1 (#27ed96e4) v2.0 (Published)