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Version 2.11.0 Released

Version ins2outs 2.11.0
Release date: 2020-04-29
Release type: Version Released

We are pleased to announce new ins2outs version 2.11.0.
Please, take your time to find out about what it brings.

New features

New References screen

Now you can see some useful information about the content: for what content it has been used as a template and what content refers to it, either via hyperlink or a reference.

Additionally, you can update all the used hyperlinks if the source content title has changed and set a default title for new content created based on the content one.

Default prefix for newly created content and folders

On a Context level you can now define a default prefix that should be added to the content and folders created in the Context. It helps you to keep consistent naming of your project related content.

Send reminders

You can send reminders about pending tasks to all the people who have not completed them.

Improved search results

You can see more results and open each one in a new window directly from list.

Changes in accessibility of Publishing, Exporting and Adding New Task

From now on, if you are a content Owner of member of a Workgroup, the Read privilege is sufficient to allow you to Publish and Export content or Add New Task to it.

Top menu presented from any location on a page

If the top menu is not visible, you can just scroll up a little bit and it will be presented. No more scrolling the whole page to the top.

No possibility to use stored password

To complete an Acceptance task, you need to provide with the password manually. Passwords stored in a browser are no longer supported.

Danish is now supported

From now on you can use the system in Danish.

Improved content management in folder

When you delete a content or cancel adding a new one, you stay in the current folder, instead of being taken to the upper one in a hierarchy.

Improved validation when saving a content

When you save your process content, it is now validated against missing Supplier, Input, Output and Customer. Additionally, for all types of content, validation message no longer overlaps the Action menu.

Hints presented to the content

When you open a content, some hints and suggested actions are displayed, based on the Workflow status and other conditions, e.g. not resolved comments or not completed Reviews.

Information about max size of uploaded file

When you try to upload a file that exceeds the maximum size, you will get a message.

Improved “Add copy of…”

When using “Add copy of…”, now you will be able to find all the content you have a Read privilege to.

Improved sorting of major tables

When sorting the major tables, all elements are processed now, not only the visible ones as before.

Other features and improvements:

  • Context names are presented in alphabetical order
  • When you create a new folder, content of Summary field is copied to the folder’s description

Fixed Problem Reports

  • Fixed problem with sorting after using “Show More” (MSG-2241)
  • Fixed problem with disappearing folders after using “Move to folder…” (MSG-2601)
  • Fixed problem with exporting content when some tasks have empty Completion Date (MSG-2606)
  • White spaces are now removed from the email address (MSG-2614)
  • Fixed problem with validation of folder names (MSG-2619)
  • Fixed problem with presenting three dots for Roles (MSG-2620)
  • Fixed problem with changing a workflow for Records in newly created organizations (MSG-2621)
  • Fixed problem with creating Acceptance Task for some documents (MSG-2625)
  • Fixed problem with memory leak (MSG-2627)
  • Fixed problem with modifying Context privileges (MSG-2629)
  • Fixed problem with displaying diacritic characters in Add Task window (MSG-2700)
  • Fixed problem with formatting of a search box content (MSG-2708)