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New version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1
Release date: 2017-06-17
Release type: Functional

We are pleased to present ins2outs version 1.4.1.

New features

The following new functionalities are delivered to you with this version release.

Introducing Tasks on ins2outs

In order to let ins2outs take the burden of monitoring compliance from the organization the new functionality of Tasks and Compliance was added into ins2outs. Within the new Tasks functionality there are three task types:

  • Approvals
  • Reviews
  • Checkup

The tasks can be created either manually or in the automatic manner based on the content task configuration. For each created task a responsible user will receive an e-mail notification with request to complete it. The same happens if you assign a person to a Role which has been taken for the content tasks configuration.


Compliance for Content

In case there are any tasks for any content on ins2outs the system calculates the content compliance status. The calculation is presenting the percentage of a compliance calculated as a total sum of pending tasks vs. the total sum of completed tasks. This way a person in charge for content and find out to what extend the organization is compliant with a given content.

Introduce Compliance in Lists

From now on, whenever you are looking at the list of contents on ins2outs you can check the compliance of each content on the list with a single glimpse of eye. This helps you to monitor your overall compliance with ease.


Introduce Compliance for Users

Interested in seeing by who should accomplish the given task before the next scheduled external audit? Just go to users lists and see to what percent each of your employees is compliant with your management system. Easy to handle statistics and detailed users’ task lists will help you to get ready for any audit to come.


Add notification on content comments

From now on, a content owner and the working group members will get e-mail notifications whenever your organization comments on the content they are accountable for. Let your organization reshape your management system.

Improve look and feel of Content Tree and Content Information

Following the feedback from the users the Content Tree and Content Information controls were updated to firstly support tasks functionality and secondly to resolve reported issues.

Limit users list

This function introduces users list filter so administrator can choose if s/he would like to only see the active users (default) or all the users.


Fixed bugs

There were following issues and bugs fixed with this version release.

  • Problem with exporting In/Out created from the process page (MSG-887)
  • Problems with displaying user profile page (MSG-1030)
  • Limit number of roles visible for a user only to those for which a user has proper privileges (MSG-619)
  • Problem with using national characters in the file names in export to MsWord function (MSG-809)
  • Limit displaying context labels with proper user privileges (MSG-842)
  • Resolve problem with removing inactive users from a working group (MSG-860)
  • Problems with setting image size in rich text editor (MSG-967)