Quality & Know-how Collaboration Platform


A collaboration platform between organizations and consultants, with an integrated, ready-to-use quality management system. Easily find, purchase, and customize the desired know-how, and use it to manage your organization and educate employees.

Medical devices

ISO 13485

How It Works

ins2outs offers organizations a know-how market place where they can find norms and know-how delivered by consultants. Such know-how can be bought either alone or together with consulting services. It is then deployed to the organization’s account on the ins2outs’ quality management system and, if needed, tailored to the customer’s needs. Employees are engaged in the know-how codification and training while the consultants support the organization.

Information Technology
Security Systems

ISO 27001

For Organizations


Codify your ISO standards and get certification easily

Ready Quality Management System

Modern, lightweight, and engaging certification and management platform


Find high quality know-how with market feedback, perfectly matching your profile

Know-how marketplace

Search for your desired know-how locally and globally

Get your consultant on board

Engage a know-how consultant in supporting you online

Manage team/talent development

Role based on-boarding, long term competencies development training

your team

Your employees are your best experts – make the best of their expertise


No papers, social media, online process modeling, videos, desktop and mobile


Agile software development

For Consultants

Boost your marketing and sales

Let the ins2outs promote and present your content and services globally and locally

Go global stay local

Overcome geographic barriers and offer your services both globally and locally

Scale up your business

Leverage your business with our platform

Offer know-how sets

Extend your consulting services offer with predefined know-how sets available online

Limit travel costs

Support your clients online – turn your travel time into working hours

Reuse your know-how

Codify once, reuse with every new client

Expand your services

Offer such new services as: internal audits, know-how maintenance, online training and consulting

Support your clients online

Work daily with all your clients on a single platform

Assets management

ISO 55001

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