IEC 62304:2006 Know-how set

This know-how set defines an IEC 62304:2006, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 14971:2019 compliant Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). An organization can use it to develop software in a medical device (SiMD) or software as a medical device (SaMD).


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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) documentation

This know-how set defines a common medical device software life cycle process framework. The framework must be applied by an organization engaged in developing and maintaining software embedded in (SiMD) or constituting (SaMD) a medical device. It includes policies, processes, procedures, instructions, document templates, normative sources, roles, and other content defining the SDLC framework. The know-how set was prepared by experienced software development professionals and rooted in the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK).

Normative sources

The know-how set documentation was derived from and is linked to the following normative sources: IEC 62304:2006, ISO 13485:2016, 21 CFR 820, ISO 14971:2019, IEC 62366-1:2015, ISO 27001:2022, IEC 82304-1:2016, IEC 82304-2:2021, FDA General Principles of Software Validation. Each normative source has a list of the documentation from this know-how set used to prove compliance. The organization can add its regulations or standards.

Role-based training

The know-how set introduces fundamental roles the SDLC framework requires. The roles define the scope of the training/awareness building concerning the SDLC activities: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Tech Lead, Software Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer (Tester), DevOps, UI/UX Designer, Architect, and others. By assigning a person to a role on ins2outs, you limit their perspective to only essential information. The know-how set uses the ins2outs acceptance tasks functionality to keep training and awareness-building records.

Ready-to-use and structured for software development

The know-how set content is ready to use. It defines the abstractions of the tools used by the SDLC teams like Source Code Repository, Test Management System, Issue Tracking System, etc. This way, the organization can name the tools used in the process without the need to rewrite the documentation. The know-how set also establishes a structure for the SDLC activities in the MD product life cycle. The structure assumes the iterative approach with releases and hotfixes what minimizes the effort needed to recreate the requirement documentation. ins2outs manages the default structure for SDLC documentation and offers appropriate templates.

Know-how set elements

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SDLC Elements (80+)

1 - Policies

  1.  SDLC Software Development Life Cycle Policy

14 - Processes

  1. SDLC Architecture Design Process
  2. SDLC Business Analysis Process
  3. SDLC Change Management Process
  4. SDLC Configuration Management Process
  5. SDLC Detailed Design Process
  6. SDLC Documentation Management Process
  7. SDLC Implementation Process
  8. SDLC Infrastructure Management Process
  9. SDLC Project Management Process
  10. SDLC Release Management Process
  11. SDLC Software Maintenance Process
  12. SDLC Tests Design and Implementation Process
  13. SDLC Tests Execution Process
  14. SDLC UI/UX Design Process

2 - Procedures

  1.  SDLC Product Release Procedure
  2. SDLC Software Development Life Cycle Procedure

0 - Instructions

If needed organization can create its own instructions. 

51 - Ins/Outs (including Templates)

  1. SDLC Acceptance Criteria
  2. SDLC Analysis Outcomes
  3. SDLC Analysis Outcomes Review Record
  4. SDLC Baseline
  5. SDLC Binary Package
  6. SDLC Change
  7. SDLC Change Request
  8. SDLC Configuration Item
  9. SDLC Configuration Management Plan
  10. SDLC Detailed Design Outcomes
  11. SDLC Detailed Design Review Records
  12. SDLC Documentation Index
  13. SDLC Environment Installation Manual
  14. SDLC Environment Installation Requirements
  15. SDLC Environment Specification
  16. SDLC External Interfaces
  17. SDLC IEC62304:2006 Statement of Applicability
  18. SDLC Infrastructure Qualification Records
  19. SDLC Issues
  20. SDLC Legacy Software Gap Analysis
  21. SDLC Operations Manual
  22. SDLC Problem Report
  23. SDLC Product Release Record
  24. SDLC Product Roadmap
  25. SDLC Project Operations Management Plan
  26. SDLC Release Deployment Manual
  27. SDLC Release Notes
  28. SDLC Release Package
  29. SDLC Requirements Review Record
  30. SDLC Risk Management File
  31. SDLC Software Development Plan
  32. SDLC Software Maintenance Plan
  33. SDLC Software Requirement Template
  34. SDLC Software Requirements
  35. SDLC Software Requirements Specification
  36. SDLC Solution Architecture
  37. SDLC Solution Architecture Review Record
  38. SDLC Source Code
  39. SDLC SOW – Statement of Work
  40. SDLC Supplementary Project Plans
  41. SDLC Technology Stack Specification
  42. SDLC Test Case
  43. SDLC Test Item
  44. SDLC Test Level Execution Report
  45. SDLC Test Level Specification
  46. SDLC Test Plan
  47. SDLC Test Strategy
  48. SDLC Tests Execution Summary Report
  49. SDLC UI/UX Guidelines
  50. SDLC User Interface Design
  51. SDLC User Story

6 - Normative sources

  1. SDLC IEC62304:2006
  2. SDLC IEC 62366-1:2015
  3. SDLC ISO 29119-1:2022
  4. SDLC ISO 29119-2:2021
  5. SDLC General Principles of Software Validation
  6. SDLC IEC 82304-1:2016

8 - Roles

  1.  SDLC Business Analyst
  2. SDLC DevOps
  3. SDLC Developer
  4. SDLC Project Manager
  5. SDLC Quality Assurance Engineer
  6. SDLC Solution Architect
  7. SDLC Technical Leader
  8. SDLC UI/UX Designer

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Explore the benefits of starting your system definition with this know-how set

Deliver know-how to your organization in one hour

Acquire the IEC 62304 know-how set instantly from the ins2outs platform. Let your software engineers focus on designing, coding, and deployment, not the process definitions.

Shorten by up to 75% your SDLC implementation time

The SDLC implementation can be a prompt and effective process. Combine ins2outs software, IEC 62304 know-how sets, and tools you used in your software development team to develop medical device class software with the minimum regulatory burden.

Avoid SDLC non-compliance risk

By bringing the IEC 62304 know-how set, you can introduce a new model focused on reliability and medical device software safety. Developing in the undefined SDLC model can result in rejecting your product long after the development is over and you are getting ready for market approval. Bring such risk down by using a reliable SDLC model.

Shorten medical device market approval

It takes excellent coordination of intended purpose definition, product management activities, and managing notified bodies or market regulators to place a medical device on the market promptly. Shorten your path to market with experts.

Explain to engineers medical device specificity

The SDLC described in IEC 62304 is about developing safety critical systems. The current development models are not built for that kind of system. The know-how set, prepared by software developers, explains an SDLC resulting in more reliable and safer-to-use software.


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