ins2outs Incoming Version 4.3.0

Learn about new features that the incoming 4.3.0 version will offer. This version delivers Single Sign-On and a powerful Favorites control. With an ins2outs Premium license, an organization could use Microsoft, Google, or SAML2-compatible authentication provider.

Type: Incoming Release, Date: 2023-Q3

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Organizations can use any identity provider (IdP) compatible with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML2) to authenticate users to ins2outs services. That enables smooth integration with the company IT ecosystem, automatically granting and revoking users’  access rights and signing documents with company-defined credentials.

Single Sign-On configuration

An administrator can configure an identity provider (IdP) that will be used for authentication. ins2outs supports both Google and Microsoft and any provider compatible with SAML2 protocol. The configuration screen allows configuring and testing such configuration by an administrator user.

Favorites control for a user

A Favorites control in the new part of ins2outs offers a possibility to bookmark the favorite content on ins2outs and then promptly use it for the return navigation. Whether you work with system documentation, product life cycle documentation, or just a particular content you are interested in, you can add it and easily come back to it anytime.

Favorites control for an organization

Administrators can configure a Favorites control in the new part of ins2outs to offer company-wide bookmarked pages within ins2outs. Sharing a link to, e.g., Quality Policy, adding new security incidents, or an entry document for an operated management system is no longer a problem. These features allow better adaptation of your management system by the organization.

Other features and improvements

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Verification and Validation (V&V)

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