Product Manager as a Service. Strategize right, develop faster.

An addition to ins2outs, our dedicated product managers assist and facilitate product development, compliance management and go-to-market strategy for new and existing products.

What a dedicated dedicated product manager does

Helps drive roadmap planning, product development, and coordinates go-to-market activities.


Acts as a liaison between engineering teams, and business teams to reach product goals.

Helps balance resources and accelerate MVP development for faster commercialization of a product.

Expand your team further

Accelerate your product development, and keep it safe and compliant

Information Security Manager as a service (ISMaaS)

Get on board a dedicated ISMaaS to handle monitoring, investigation, incident response, remediation, and responding to security vulnerabilities. 

Compliance Manager as a Service (CMaaS)

A dedicated compliance manager helps ensure that product development, features, and all the processes are compliant with regional regulations.