Know-how Sets

What are know-how sets?

When deploying any management system, an Organization has to answer one fundamental question: How to promptly acquire know-how? ins2outs has a perfect answer to that challenge – buy a ready-to-use know-how set. What is a know-how set then? It is a collection of policies, processes, procedures, instructions, document templates, roles and educational materials. All together, they constitute a description of an Organization’s operations. This particular know-how set is derived from a specific domain of knowledge, such as: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Information Security (ISO 27001) or Medical Device Quality Management System (ISO 13485).

Know-how set

A management system consists of the following content types:


  • policies
  • processes
  • procedures
  • instructions
  • ins/outs


  • trainings
  • guidelines
  • tools
  • knowledge bits


  • contextx
  • roles
  • normative soruces

Benefits of buying a know-how set

An Organization achieves the following benefits by buying a know-how set:

promptly acquiring the know-how tailored to its needs
faster deployment of a new management system
significantly lowered costs of the deployment
very high quality of the final management system
faster know-how absorption
easier audits and certification of the management system
What does a know-how set consist of?

Each know-how set can contain policies, processes, procedures, instructions and Ins/Outs – document templates. It is equipped with educational materials such as trainings, guidelines, and the specification of tools used and knowledge bits – descriptions and references to trustworthy know-how sources . The know-how set additionally contains normative sources – a list of laws, regulations and standards (e.g. ISO).
Last but not least, there are Roles. They describe responsibilities of people assigned to them in the context of a specific management system. They also contain training paths, which are triggered by ins2outs system when a new person is assigned to a role.

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